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Lucrezia Borgia: Consort, lover, schemer, wife and mother: Lucrezia Borgia, the most notorious consort during the Renaissance, runs rings around the bad girls of the 21st Century. Her clandestine beginning began before birth. A daughter to Pope Alexander VI and mistress Vannoza de Cattenei, her path was primed in her infancy. Was she a lady of privilege or leisure? Artful benefactor or scheming whore; the question of her complicity intrigues our contemporary times. According to a courtier, "her whole being exudes good humor and gaiety." Lucrezia is sex, and the personification of freedom. She is the light and the dark, the subversive and divine: sexuality in all its iridescence. Sexuality is as explosive or spicy as Lucrezia Borgia, hence our title. Sexuality continues to intrigue. Although many try to downplay it, they are still drawn to the mystery. Human sexuality ruffled feathers when it debuted in mainstream society at the time of Freud, and it still manages to ruffle a few feathers in the new millennium.